Lesson 1 - Getting to Know You

Receptive Tests

Receptive Test 1

These are multiple choice tests - watch the video and choose which you feel is the correct answer. You will have two attempts. Choose your answer and then click on 'Submit Answer'.

If you get an incorrect answer a second time, the test will automatically show you the correct answer.

Once you've finished with that clip, click on 'Proceed to Next Test'.

There will be a score to let you know how well you've done.

Here is a link to a video explaining how the tests work: click here

Receptive Test 2

There are a range of tests in the section.

They all require you to watch a video clip. Some tests require you to select objects only or will ask you to select the correct background or canvas first and then you can drag and drop items onto it.
Other tests will ask questions from which you choose the correct answer, and others will ask you to construct a phrase out of a number of short clips.

Here is a link to a video explaining how the tests work: click here