Lesson 1 - Getting to Know You

Who am I? (Female)

How to Use These Lessons

1. Click on 'Stories' to go straight to the Stories, 'Grammar' for some grammar tips about this Lesson, 'Questions' to see 10 questions related to the Lesson and 'Tests' to try as many tests as you like relating to this Lesson - there are nearly 200 random tests for every Lesson.

2. In 'Stories' there are 6 Stories to choose from. Click on the numbers from 1 to 6 to see the Stories.

3. Once in the Story, click on the video to see the full story.

4. Click on one of the 10 Phrases in each story to see the Story broken down into 10 easy-to-learn parts.

5. If there are regional variations for any Phrase, these will be listed below the main phrase. Just click on the region you want to see.

6. If you need help and want to check the English subtitles, click on the [CC] button at the bottom of the video in Phrases. 

7. To flip the video and watch to see the where a person is left or right handed, click under the video on the <-> button.

8. ENJOY the Signworld learning experience!