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News Announcements

New Package Available

There is now a new package aimed at Level 4/5/6 learners called "Receptive Skills Revision". This a bank of stories by a number of our Deaf presenters, designed to help improve on receptive skills at those higher levels. Perfect for revising. You can find the package on the Levels section of the site or by clicking here.

Calling all Interpreters!

We are pleased to announced that NRCPD has endorsed our Advanced Fingerspelling Package as suitable for qualified interpreters in their continuing professional practice (CPD), up to a maximum of 6 points for the year.
If any interpreters have bought this in the last year, or wish to buy in the future, please contact us to provide you with a certificate for your portfolio of evidence.


About Signworld

Signworld was designed and built up from scribbles on paper to doodles on a whiteboard to lines of code in a computer. Every stage in this process, from the curriculum to online learning strategies, was based on the unrivalled combined experience of Linda. The result is a simple, beautiful and clear learning experience for our users, where everything's uncomplicated and accessible with only a few clicks. It's user-centred learning that just works as soon as you start using it.


Our Vision

We feel passionately that there’s a need for a 21st century way of learning British Sign Language. We created Signworld's learning and teaching products out of more than 20 years’ experience of teaching BSL and devising successful teaching methods, using a deep knowledge of learners' needs and an excellent relationship with networks of BSL teachers across the UK.

Winner of RAD "Best Deaf Business 2016" Award


Winner of Deaf Business Academy "Outstanding Contribution 2016" Award