Our Clients

We are proud to serve a wide range of clients in the UK, France, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and elsewhere. Our UK clients include the following (in alphabetical order). If your organisation is a client and you would like it to be added to the list, please let us know. 




The Association of British Sign Language Tutors and Assessors is the main organisation for professional Sign Language Tutors & Assessors and for those interested in the teaching and assessing of BSL as a profession. Signworld is proud to provide resources for many of ABSLTA’s members.


Absolute BSL



Absolute BSL offers a wide range of high-quality BSL/Deaf-related training packages to cater for everyone's needs. Based in West Yorkshire, it uses Signworld’s online learning resources to support its BSL teachers and learners.


Academy of British Sign Language



The Academy of British Sign Language provides BSL Training across the UK at BSL levels 1-3 as well as Deaf Awareness, BSL Taster Sessions, Bespoke Frontline BSL and much more. We are proud to use Signworld's excellent 24/7 online learning resources to support our BSL Teachers and learners.


Adult Community Learning Essex



Adult Community Learning Essex is an award-winning training provider offering a wide range of training courses and learning opportunities for adults and businesses across Essex. It uses Signworld’s online learning resources to support BSL teachers and learners.


Becoming Visible



Becoming Visible is a Deaf-led organisation based in the heart of the Deaf community in Newcastle upon Tyne. Working across the UK, Becoming Visible provides high quality BSL/English interpreting and translation services. They use Signworld resources for their staff and learners of British Sign Language from taster to advanced level.





The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) commissions television programmes made in British Sign Language by Deaf people for Deaf people. All of these programmes are available to watch on their BSL Zone player. Signworld has translated tender documents into BSL for BSLBT's website.



BSLCourses Logo


BSLcourses provides online classes, tutorials, e-assessments and evidences for those who find it more convenient or less expensive to study BSL from home rather than travel to classes. It recommends Signworld online learning resources to its students at all Levels.


BSL Link


BSL Link is Deaf led Interpreting agency and Training Course facilitator. We provide fully qualified, NRCPD registered language professionals.  They also offer a range of courses for CPD development, an Introduction to British Sign Language and iBSL courses from Level 1 through to Level 6 Certificate in BSL Studies and the Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting Studies.


City Lit

CityLit Logo


City Lit in London is the biggest provider of BSL courses in the UK and it has a well-established team of qualified and experienced BSL tutors. As well as courses at City Lit, it can also offer BSL training at your workplace. It uses Signworld’s online learning resources to support its BSL teachers and learners.


CJ Interpreting Service



CJ Interpreting, based in Darlington, provides high-quality language support and communication services to Deaf and hard of hearing people across Durham and Teesside. Signworld has filmed and edited publicity information in BSL for CJ Interpreting and is working on translations for its website.


CODA UK & Ireland



CODA UK & Ireland is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which provides support, information and guidance to CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults), of all ages, and the wider community, including Professionals and Organisations; Deaf Parents and Families; Students and Researchers. Signworld has translated essential information for its website into both BSL and ISL.





The Signworld 'Medical - Everyday Health Issues' package was developed in consultation with the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre, University College London.





DSPY is a voluntary-run project and is independent from any sporting organisations, sourcing its own financial budget. The DSPY's ethos is to establish strong working "partnerships" with all Deaf Sports Organisations and Associations within the UK, supporting them through the project impartially and fairly.





Donaldson's, in Linlithgow, is Scotland's national school for children who are deaf or have communication difficulties. It uses Signworld to support its work in delivering BSL courses.


Dot Sign Language Ltd



Dot Sign Language® is a Community Not-for-Profit organisation based in the South East of England.

As well as teaching BSL courses from Level 1 – Level 6, Dot Sign Language® provides Deaf Awareness workplace training to the NHS, public sector and private companies. 

They also visit charities, local schools and other youth groups to give them a taste of BSL.


Elmfield School for Deaf Children



Elmfield School for Deaf Children is a regional bilingual school, based in Bristol, supporting learning and communication in both BSL and English. Signworld has translated Elmfield’s website pages and other information into BSL.


Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park

Galloway logo


Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park is a wildlife conservation centre and a breeding centre for small animals, open to visitors from February to November. Signworld is working with the centre to develop BSL materials for its website and organise educational events. John Denerley, Director of the Centre, is also one of Signworld's regular BSL presenters. 


Grwp Llandrillo Menai


As one of the largest colleges in North Wales, Grwp Llandrillo Menai uses Signworld’s online learning resources to support its BSL teachers and learners from BSL Level 1 to the BA Honours degree in British Sign Language and Deaf Studies.


Genie Networks



Genie Networks is a registered charity, based in Stretford, Greater Manchester, which provides support for deaf people and their families. In addition, Genie works to improve access for deaf people through its Training Academy, which uses Signworld’s online learning resources to support its BSL teachers and learners.





The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) is the leading charity dedicated to creating a world without barriers for deaf children and young people. It uses Signworld to support staff learning British Sign Language (BSL).





Signworld has filmed BSL translations of various documents for the Health Services Research Unit, NHS North Yorkshire and York.





RAD promotes equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services. RAD has been working with sign language users and promoting Deaf people’s rights since 1841. Signworld works with RAD in producing information in British Sign Language.


Sign Confident


Sign Confident is a small business providing BSL tuition to individuals and groups. Karen Parker says 'We always recommend Signworld online learning resources to all our students at all Levels as they benefit enormously from their excellent resources for a very affordable price'.


Sign for Thoughts



Sign for Thoughts is a Signature accredited centre based in Farnborough, Hampshire, working across South East and South West England. It uses Signworld’s online learning resources to support its BSL teachers and learners.


Sign On!



Sign On! BSL Training and Consultancy (Director Mary Humphries) covers the Wessex region - Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset and Bristol - and other parts of the U.K. by negotiation. It uses Signworld’s online learning resources in all its BSL courses.


SL First



SL First, based in Caerphilly, is the only lifestyle magazine aimed at over 10 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the UK. Signworld translates articles from the magazine into BSL for its online version. 





Norway's National Support System for Special Needs Education (Statped) is managed by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training. Signworld materials are used by teachers of hearing impaired pupils to help them learn/improve their BSL skills. BSL is an option for hearing impaired pupils in Norway, since English is a compulsory subject.


The R&A



The R&A, based in St Andrews, as well as organising The Open Championship, also assumes responsibility for the administration of the Rules of Golf and seeks to engage in and support activities undertaken for the benefit of the game of golf. Signworld has translated the video A Quick Guide to The Rules of Golf, presented by leading golfer Padraig Harrington, into BSL for The R&A; and is working with The R&A to spread awareness of and participation in golf amongst the Deaf community.





The University of Central Lancashire's British Sign Language and Deaf Studies Team, based in Preston, uses Signworld to support staff and students who are learning BSL. We have also translated learning materials for UCLan’s Signs2English website.