Specialising Packages

1. BSL Linguistics for Intermediate Learners

This "BSL Linguistics" is suitable for those on BSL level 3 and 4 courses. It is also suitable for anyone who has a reasonable level of receptive skill and is keen to learn about BSL Linguistics. This package will assist in your understanding of BSL Linguistics and answers common grammar-related questions. E.g. ‘How do Deaf people use negation, non-manual features, syntax etc’?
The Signworld linguistic packages have been created in conjunction with qualified academics who have demonstrated specialist linguistic knowledge.

2. BSL Linguistics for Advanced Learners

This is suitable for those who are beyond BSL level 4.

3. Medical - Everyday Health Issues

We'd recommend you view 'How to learn British Sign Language (BSL) online' first before studying the medical package, as it has a step-by-step quide about learning BSL. This will equip you better for your time with the medical package.

A total of 18 stories, 180 phrases, 26 Questions and Answers - and over 250 Tests - show you how to discuss everyday illnesses, ailments and injuries in BSL.
Covering a range of illnesses and medical scenarios. From getting over a cold to serious illnesses. From bumps, bruises and cuts and falling down the stairs, to visiting the doctor and going to hospital.

4. How to learn British Sign Language (BSL) online

This is a step-by-step guide to equip you for Medical learning. In order to learn BSL, it is essential to be aware of the two processes involved: Introduction to learning BSL and Tools for learning BSL, which will help you understand basic phrases in connection with BSL grammatical aspects. Once you have established all the basic rules, you should be able to learn all the phrases via the Stories and Test yourself sections on the website to see your progression throughout the Medical package.

5. Christmas

The Signworld Christmas package.
Something for everyone – Deaf children and their families who use BSL, hearing children and their families who are learning to sign; and anyone who is learning or would like to learn BSL.